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Oct 11, 2017 · we are finally starting to grow into a decent sized snow company. i have never had any issues pricing parking lots and salt etc. however with the sidewalks, how much sidewalk justifies a sidewalk machine? currently i have about 1/2 mile of walks total in one area we take care of where all of the accounts are rite next to each other.
The NJ380 Power Broom for the Ventrac SSV, features a working width of 38-inches and an angled width of 35-inches, making it a perfect solution for cleaning snow and debris from sidewalks and walkways.
Ventrac SSV ND Snow Plow Blades are versatile, labor-saving attachments designed for any number of jobs. Whether plowing snow, moving material, or cleaning an area, the Ventrac ND series blades are up to the task.
4500 SERIES TRACTORS Ventrac 4500 Series Tractor & Accessories Price List 11-1-18 13.00% 0.00% In Shop $145.00/ Road $155.00 2100 SERIES TRACTORS Ventrac 2100 SSV Tractor, Attachments and Accessories MSRP Price List 11-1-18 13.00% 0.00% In Shop $145.00/ Road $155.00 VENTRAC - Awarded to North Jersey Bobcat Servicing All Counties REPAIR PARTS ...
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The 34" wide Ventrac NX340 Snow Blower is built for commercial snow clearing operations of sidewalks, driveways, and other areas. A two stage snow blower, the NX340 features a 12-3/16" diameter solid auger for best snow transfer, a large 18" diameter fan, and the ability to move pounds of snow per minute at distances up to 30 feet.
SWIFT EVENT TITLE & NUMBER: T-652(5) ** Following is a list of all distributors that are authorized to sell the equipment listed above. ** The Swift Vendor Number (SWIFT UD) must be complete, including the vendor Swift ID and Location Code (LOC CODE).
2019 Ventrac 2100C SSV with a 18.5HP Kawasaki FS600V gas engine, 4 wheel drive, and 21 hours. This unit has a total width of 36", making it perfect for sidewalks and pathways. Plenty of attachments are available. The Ventrac ND420 Blade (292452) is available at an additional cost.
Oct 11, 2018 · The SSV Snow Blower is commercial-grade durability at its best. It was important when developing this attachment to be as durable and aggressive as it is proportionate.

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Ventrac SSV Snow Sidewalk Vehicle The new Ventrac SSV makes it easy and efficient to manage snow and ice on sidewalks. The SSV is a dedicated Sidewalk Snow Vehicle with an industry-first 36" width

Ventrac SSV Tractor Price Specs Review Overview The Ventrac SSV Tractor makes it simple and effective to manage snow and ice on paths. The Ventrac SSV Tractor is a dedicated Sidewalk Snow Vehicle with an industry-first 36” working width in order to enable access to the locked fields of any property.

VENTRAC – Yard Card and Financing Programs. VENTRAC – Yard Card and Financing Programs. All programs below available thru 1/31/2020. Offer subject to credit approval. Commercial cards also available, for details see your local dealer. Yard Card No Monthly Interest for 24 Months with Equal Payments: Minimum purchase $1500.


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